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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Presenting at the Chanakya Defence Dialogue in New Delhi India, Organized by Indian Army and CLAWS, 3rd Nov 2023

With Prof Klaus Schwab founder of the World Economic Forum at the United Nations, General Assembly week. 18th Sep 2023.

With the Sri Lankan President HE Ranil Wickremesinghe at the United Nations, General Assembly week. Presented my book ‘Teardrop Diplomacy’, 18th Sep 2023.

Presenting my book to Prof Barry Rider, a distinguished Cambridge professor. 7th Sep 2023

Presentation at the Jesus College, Cambridge on ‘Economic Crime and Integrity of Law Enforcement agencies and government institutions in Sri Lanka’. 7th Sep 2023.

Delivered a lecture at Thammasat University in Bangkok. Organized by the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG). 4th Sep 2023.

Presenting National Security challenges in Sri Lanka, including Rule of Law, Demography and Migration at the NESA Center and Bangladesh Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs workshop in Dhaka Bangladesh, along with panelists from Bhutan, US, and Bangladesh. 30 Aug 2023

With Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Ambassador Masud Bin Momen in Dhaka at NESA Center and Bangladesh Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs conference. 28 Aug 2023

At World Economic Forum Summer Davos Tanjin 2023

Public lecture at LKY School and presenting ‘Teardrop Diplomacy’ to Prof Anti Bajpai

Presenting ‘Teardrop Diplomacy’ to Ambassador Tamaki Tsukada at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC May 22, 2023

With Shyam Saran, former Indian foreign secretary, May 2023

With Gen.David H. Petraeus, India, 2019

With Ambassador Alice Wells

Appointed as a Senior Fellow at the Millennium Project Washington DC 1st Oct 2021. With Jerome C Glenn.

With Commodore Aaron James Ingram, RANR-Former Director-General Force Structure Review and Captain Guy Blackburn RAN- Director Contestability - 2017 Colombo

World Economic Forum, 2012

With Global Dignity Founders

Speaking at Nobel Peace Center, Global Dignity program

Davos 2014 with YGL discussion with John Kerry

With South African experts from Truth and Reconciliation Commission at LKI

First, think tank collaboration with Singapore ISAS and LKI 2014

With the President of Mongolia

With Dr David Brewster ANU, in Berlin

With AMB Robert Blake

With Prof Schiller at Yale

Prof Walter Russell Mead

NESA Academic Dean 2021 August

With Afghanistan Ambassador to Sri Lanka

US Indo-Pacific Command Pacific Commander Kenneth S.Wilsbach

Speaking at the First Trans-Himalaya Development Forum, 2015

With Prof.Kishore Mahbubani, Singapore

With President Kagame of Ruwanda

Speaking at the Regional Think Tank Forum COSATT in Nepal

National Defence Conference, Colombo

South Africa discussion on Reconciliation process. Department of Foreign Affairs

At Nehru Memorial New Delhi

Brazil, Global Think Tank Summit 2019

With Ambassador Nirupama Rao

APCSS Hawaii, with Director.

With Prof Riccardo Hausmann Harvard University

With Prof Joseph Nye

With Ambassador John D. Negroponte

At LKY School with Pro.Kanthy Bajpai

In Kazakstan addressing the CICA

NIDS Japan

With BIMSTEC Secretary General

With US Ambassador Teplitz

Slovenia Receiving the Award, Ambassador of Knowledge

With former President of Mexico

In Moscow , Research institute for international Relations

At Harvard Kennedy School

With Ambassador Menon

Sri Lankan Media Ada Derana

With Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

With Parag Khanna

Millennium Project workshop in Washington DC 2018

With GCSP scholar

At NESA DOD Washington DC

With NESA Academic Director

Interaction with NESA DOD USA

With Secretary Defence of Sri Lanka

Lecture to the PLA China in Colombo

LKY School lecture

Presenting the Defence Review Journal to Secretary of Defence Sri Lanka

With distinguished scholar Vini Vitharana and WJM Lokubandara at INSS

With RAND Corporation delegation at INSS Sri Lanka

At Oxford University

With HRH Crown Prince of Norway at Nobel Peace Center Oslo

At Shanghai International Relations Institute

At Cambridge University with Prof Barry Rider

In China addressing the CICA conference

World Economic Forum Manila

With Dr.Arvind Gupta former NSA India 2012, establishing research collaboration with IDSA

In China, establishing research collaboration - INSS with CIIS

With Senior Ambassador Rasgotra at ORF

Speaking to Reuters

Sri Lankan Media News First

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